Please allow time for these dishes to be prepared as they are cooked to order for you.

Our Salads are freshly prepared with a 0% Fat Dressing.

Chicken Fajita Salad £9.25
Strips of Chicken Stir-fried with Onions and Peppers with One calorie cooking spray with Fajita Seasoning, on a bed of Mixed Salad topped with a Mexican Flag Salad and Tortilla Chips.

Club Salad £9.25
Bacon and Chicken Strips stir-fried with Onions, Mushrooms and Tomatoes in One calorie cooking spray, on a bed of Mixed Salad and Vegetarian Cheese.

Prawn Salad £10.50
North Atlantic Prawns mixed with a low-fat Marie Rose Sauce on a bed of Mixed Salad, with Cayenne Pepper and Paprika served with Brown Bread and Light Butter.

Tuna Nicoise Salad £9.75
Tuna mixed with finely diced Peppers, Cucumber, and Red Onions with Lemon juice and Low-Fat Mayonnaise, on a bed of Fresh Mixed Salad and Hard Boiled Eggs.

Ploughman’s Lunch
Ham or Cheese or Both served with a Mixed Salad, Chutney, Pickles, Low-Fat Coleslaw, Warm Bread and Light Butter.

Ham £9.25
Cheese £9.25
Ham & Cheese £10.25

Blackened Salmon Fillet £11.25

Seasoned with Cajun Herbs and Spices and cooked on the Health Grill. Served on a Bed of Warm Noodles and Salad.

Burger in a Bowl £9.25
All of the greatness of a Burger but without the Bread. Our home-made Extra Lean Minced Beef cooked with Herbs and Light Spices and served on a bed of Mixed Salad and pickles with a Low Fat Homemade Super Sauce.
This dish was inspired by a Slimming Company but tweaked with added ingredients.


Nachos £7.95
Corn Tortillas topped with Melted Vegetarian Cheese and a Mexican Flag Salad.

Chilli Nachos £9.25
With Extra Lean Chilli con Carne and a Mexican Flag Salad

Vegetable Chilli Nachos £9.25
Made with Vegetable Chilli and a Mexican Flag Salad

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