Please allow time for these dishes to be prepared as they are cooked to order for you.

Old English and International Favourites

Cumberland Sausage, Spring Onion Mash and Gravy £9.25

Succulent Cumberland sausages on a Bed of Low fat and tasty spring Onion Mash, topped with Honey and Balsamic Vinegar Caramelised Onions, Garden Peas and Gravy.

Vegetable Sausages, Spring Onion Mash and Vegetable Gravy £9.25
All of the above without the meat.

Chicken Burrito £8.95
Diced Chicken Breast cooked in Onions, Tomatoes, Mushrooms, Peppers and Pasatta, with lots of Fresh Mixed Herbs and Spices, slowly cooked, wrapped inside a Tortilla and topped with Low fat Melted Cheese and a Mexican Flag Salad.
This dish is packed full of Vitamin and Minerals from the Fruit and Vegetables, fried in One Calorie Cooking Spray.

Lamb Rogan Josh £11.25
Our Curries are cooked using Fresh Lamb, Vegetables, Herbs and Spices. No Oil is added at the start of cooking and no Fats are added during cooking. Only Low calorie Cooking Spray is used. Our Butcher cuts and prepares the Lamb lean.
Our Lamb Rogan Josh is a Tomato based Curry, slowly simmered for two and a half hours. Served with Basmati Rice, Chapatti, Onion Bhaji, Veg Samosa, Poppadum’s, Onion Salad, Mango Chutney, Yoghurt and Mint Dip and Lime Pickle.

Pasta Bolognese £8.75
Our Bolognese Meat Sauce is made using fresh Tomatoes and Herbs. Onions, Mushrooms and Tomatoes are fried in One Calorie Cooking Spray and our Minced Beef is under 5% Fat. Passata and Stock is added and slowly simmered, served on a bed of Pasta with Garlic Bread or Salad.

Chilli con Carne £8.75
Another great home-made dish using Extra Lean Minced Beef (under 5% Fat) fried with Onions, Mushrooms and Tomatoes using One Calorie Cooking Spray, lots of Herbs and Spices added and simmered in our Stock. Served with Basmati Rice and topped with Sweet Potato Crisps.
Please be aware that this Chilli is very HOT to the Palette

Vegetable Chilli £8.75
All of the Chilli con Carne but without the meat. Only fresh mixed Vegetables that are hand-picked are used in this dish.
Please be aware that this Chilli is very HOT to the Palette

Home-cooked Gammon Ham, Eggs and Chips £8.25
Our Gammon is prepared by our butcher, delivered and cooked the same day to ensure its excellence.
Slices of Gammon Ham served with 2 Eggs and Steakhouse Chips.
How do you like your Eggs? Poached, Scrambled or Fried.

Sweet Chilli Chicken Noodles £9.25
Diced Chicken Breast Stir-fried with lots of hand-picked Fresh Vegetables in One Calories Cooking Spray. A blend of Herbs and Spices and Chillies are added with egg Noodles and further Stir-Fried to give this healthy and hearty dish a ‘punch’.

Sweet Chilli Vegetable Noodles £9.25
All of the above without the Chicken but with extra hearty Vegetables.

Extra Lean Lasagne £8.95
Home-made Lasagne made with Extra Lean Minced Beef (less than 5% fat), cooked slowly in our own Tomato Sauce, packed with Onions and Mushrooms, layered on sheets of Egg Pasta and Verde Lasagne Sheets, Béchamel Sauce topped with melted Vegetarian Cheese and Tomatoes. Served with a Mixed Salad.

Cottage Pie £8.50
Comfort Food and a Classic pub favourite but with a twist, it’s made healthier!
Extra Lean Minced Beef (less than 5% fat) slowly cooked in our own home-made Stock with Vegetables, topped with Spring Onion Mash with melted Vegetarian Cheese and Fresh Mixed Vegetables.

Chicken, Leek and Hock Pie £9.50
This tasty Pie is full of Protein, Vitamins and Minerals. The calories are drastically reduced because no Pastry is used but instead with a combination of Potatoes.
Chicken, Leek and Gammon Ham slowly cooked in its own juices with added herbs and seasonings, topped with Spring Onion, Maris Piper and Sweet Potato Mash and Melted Vegetarian Cheese. Served with Fresh Steamed vegetables.

Steak and Kidney Pudding £8.75
Steak and kidneys steamed in a Suet Case served with today’s vegetables, Chips and Gravy.

Garlic Mushrooms £6.25
The original Garlic Mushroom recipe with lots of Mushrooms fried with Butter, Garlic and Fresh herbs.
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