Sooty And His Adventures


Sooty is our very own traveling charity box. He collects money for the RNIB charity and is the most popular fixture of the Prince of Wales, so much so that our most loyal regulars and staff have taken him away with them on their holidays. Some of the places he has visited are America, Japan, Australia, Italy & Brazil.
On his travels he tries to collect some of the locals change to add to his proceeds towards RNIB.
He so far has raised in the region of £4000 for the charity which i’m sure you’ll agree is some effort by the little bear.
There are some links below to collections of photos of him at some of his destinations we hope you enjoy looking through them and please next time you visit us in Brighton if you have any change to spare Sooty will be more than happy to collect it from you on behalf of the RNIB.




Mediterranean Cruise

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